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Hello Bell of Lost Souls Community!

Hi all! Im BizarreShowbiz (Bizarre for short) and this is my blog; Engalie 40k. I'm new to this community and just wanted to do a short entry to introduce myself and the contents of my blog. Excuse my english if I make some spelling mistakes, I'm spanish.

In this blog I talk about all things involving our hobby, warhammer 40k, and especially about my favourite xeno race; Dark Eldar. Im pretty experienced with them and I made a full codex review and some guidelines for the use of some tricky units, such as hellions or the Archon, all from a competitive point of view. You can read it all if you follow this link.

Also, I have sections for modelism tutorials, e-mail responses, fluff writings, Rumors and News, opinion entrys, blog chat, reviews of multimedia/videogames involving w40k and even a FanCodex: Alpha Legion (still in process) among other stuff.  I invite you to check it all out ;)

"And how can I check it all out if you write in spanish?" you may ask. Well, in the upper right corner of the blog theres a gadjet that will allow you to translate my blog into any language you want. Yeah, maybe sometimes its hard to understand, but I've been testing it reading other blogs in english and its not that bad. You just have to guess some things, but the general message is quite clear. Sadly it doesnt translate the chat, but if you speak there in english I'll answer without problem.

I am a memeber of another community besides Bell of Lost Souls called "La forja de marte" (The forge of mars). A spanish warhammer 40k  blog community, check it out, there are some amazing blogs out there.

Feel free to comment down below or send an e-mail to bizarreshowbiz@gmail.com with any question or message you may have and thanks you for letting me in in such an awesome community. Thanks to Bigred, that has been so kind to me during all the process.

See you around!


Bueno, como habeis podido intuir he entrado en la comunidad de Bell of Lost Souls y este es mi pequeño mensaje para los posibles nuevos lectores anglosajones. En cuanto a los de toda la vida seguir agradeciendoos estar ahi siempre leyendo, comentando, hablando en el chat, mandando emails y en definitiva permitiendo que Engalie 40k siga creciendo. No sabeis cuanto os lo agradezco, ¡¡muchisimas gracias!!

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